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Staff Biographies

Donna Damazyn, Owner

Years in Business:  23


Donna started this business because she wanted to do something that made a difference.  She feels it is gratifying to see pets well cared for and to have appreciative clients. There were times while building this business that she overstretched herself; now she utilizes her wonderful resources below.  Donna also does a lot of the pet sitting

                                           herself, so she is very much in touch with what is happening

                                           with the clients, pets, and staff.   

Stacey Duran

Years with Neon Dream:  15


Stacey grew up in Upstate New York, and moved to Albquerque in January of 2000.  Growing up, we always had family pets, and they always brought a lot of joy and are not only "pets" but part of the family!!  Stacey started working as a pet sitter for Neon Dream in October 2001.  She says it's the most fun and fulfilling job she has ever had!!!   She loves

                                          the feeling she gets being able to care for pets in their own

                                          home, where they feel safe and secure.

Tom Thompson

Years with Neon Dream:  15


Tom enjoys the privilege of serving our wonderful clients in the Knob Hill area, and he is thankful to still be a part of such an outstanding team of dedicated & reliable care providers at Neon Dream. Tom enjoys the variety of pets he cares for, and of course, loves his own pets:  two senior dogs, Holly and Smoky (a Pitt Bull Mix and Shepherd Mix). 

Lynda Karpinski

Years with Neon Dream:  8


Lynda moved to Albuquerque from upstate New York in Oct. of 2008.  Her daughter, Stacey Duran, was already a pet sitter for Neon Dream and introduced her to Donna.  She immediately loved the idea of caring for pets as a "retirement job."  Lynda says, "It doesn't seem like a job at all!"  She has always had pets and knows how important they are to a family.  She says it's rewarding to visit all the
                                            wonderful pets, and she feels fortunate to be able to do
                                            something she loves!

Sharon Books Engel

Years with Neon Dream:  6


Sharon lived on a cattle ranch growing up, and she had all kinds of animals.  Her family has horse ranch outside of Tularosa, NM.  Sharon worked in the medical field where she learned to give shots and meds.  She was also a bank officer & manager with a degree in business.  When she retired, she wanted to do something rewarding, and taking care of animals is, and she loves it!  Sharon has two chihuahua's, "Speedy & Rosa."  She also has a horse

                                             named "Sun Shine Mist" who is a black and white Papered

                                             Paint.  The animals are sweet, loving, and funny.  They

                                             give unconditional love and they very rarely talk back. 

Lauren Atkinson

Years with Neon Dream: 3


Lauren is a native New Mexican, growing up in the northern part of NM.  She has always had animals -- all spoiled dogs, cats, birds, and fish too!  She also has a teenage son, and a tabby cat named Robby.  Before Neon Dream, she worked in cosmetics & jewelry manufacturing in customer service.  She also worked in child development. Lauren believes our pets should be cared for with consistent love and respect.  She

                                        feels rewarded knowing the clients are comfortable when their

                                        "children" are in her care.

Randy Lantz

Years with Neon Dream:  1/2


Randy was born and raised in Colorado but has lived in Albuquerque for the past 26 years.  He’s been a long time client of Neon Dream, and after retiring from his job as a television director and studio supervisor he needed a “retirement job”.  Pet sitting for Neon Dream is a nice fit for him.  He has two Golden Retrievers (Sophie and Jaden) who love to go hiking.  

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